How do you make a game on brickhill?

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11:08 AM 14/02/2020
I wanted to know if you can and how.

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11:08 AM 14/02/2020

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Quote from Retri Gang , 11:08 AM 14/02/2020
To continue onto this, I’ll copy and paste an old reply I made on the same topic:

To access the client(s), please download it first:
(Id advise downloading both)

To access the workshop (our roblox studio), press the windows key and r. This will open a window that has %AppData% in the text box. If it’s not, put it in there and hit enter.

Alright now click on the folder titled “Brick Hill” and scroll all the way down until you find the application titled “Workshop”

Save it as a desktop shortcut for easy access and open it.

That is basically our equivalent to roblox studio and you can go fiddle around with the different keys (hitting f4/f3 I believe opens up a guide to all of the functions of the workshop)

Some hotkeys:
Ctrl LMB - selects multiple bricks
Ctrl shift LMB - selects all bricks touching the one you clicked originally
R - rotates a brick