Sopported Operating systems?

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05:36 AM 12/01/2019
Does anyone know the supported Operating systems for the new client? It would be helpful if there were a "Help" page that gave all the software/hardware requirements...

[OLDS] replojam
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05:38 AM 12/01/2019
As far as I know, the client now only works on Windows, but maybe they will make the new client for more operating systems.

[LGBT] ratatooie
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04:29 AM 13/01/2019
Currently only Windows operating systems can run Brick Hill, but I've heard if you use wine on a mac you can run Brick Hill.

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05:45 PM 13/01/2019
Windows 7 and up right?

[CtRm] Ezcha
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10:03 PM 13/01/2019
The new client will support Windows 7 and newer, Linux and hopefully Macs, which would be macOS 10.10 and newer. And I have also been looking into making an Android version, no promises on that though.

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12:01 AM 14/01/2019
Is that because of Directx 11?