I got currency and I don't know from where

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12:06 AM 13/01/2020
I got twenty bits and I don't know from where. Is there a way to tell where it came from?

[Forum] Techuwussenic
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12:06 AM 13/01/2020
you get them daily 10 bits daily

[im] Ferrera
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12:07 AM 13/01/2020
You get 10 bit daliy

[USSR] banjoe
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03:00 AM 13/01/2020
have you made shirts?

[im] Square
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03:06 AM 13/01/2020
Click the currency icon on the top right of your screen. (Should take you here: https://www.brick-hill.com/currency)

Go under the “transactions” tab and click the drop down menu that says purchases and select sales.