Icy Winds (Short Poem)

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08:50 AM 03/12/2019
The muffled silence of a touch
Envelops me in swirling white
Dancing past on icy winds
To land on banks of frozen sky

I walk through veils that part with ease
And quickly fill the space behind
The light is lost, a single bird
That cannot sing in such a storm

And yet, despite the pressing cold
Others flicker through the night
Their voices reach me secondhand
As if from memories soon forgot

I look about, and turning find
The grizzled hands that skywards reach
Are given garments, silky white
That swiftly hide their fading green

Though beautiful this winter wonder
I hasten back to find the warmth
For cold and wet are ever after
Some new place to call their home

From within I look to see
The shifting waves of crystals grow
Though long the storm may rage in silence
I can sleep throughout the night

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08:59 AM 03/12/2019
This is beautiful

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10:20 AM 26/12/2019
a great poem