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04:34 AM 11/06/2024
Hi all.

Let's face it. Brick Hill is dead. It has been dead for quite some time. And it's time to move on, officially, from this website. With zero communication from Alex's side, the interim team has taken the drastic step of leaving and phasing it out in favor of

Why BLOX City?
We're mostly made up of the same interim team, and it's where we feel most comfortable recommending our players to go. Other platforms foster communities filled to the brim with con artists, exploiters, and other bad actors, whereas we actively combat all of these things on our platform. We strive to create and foster a community that is mostly non-toxic, and filled with collaborative, creative, polite users.

Isn't this the same as Brick Planet?
No. The platform was separated in 2019 and is under different ownership.

What will happen to Brick Hill?
Brick Hill will die. We have not been actively moderating for some time, and it's now at the point of no return. The forums are trashed, clans are being exploited, and the owner is inactive. Who knows what else will happen?

Join BLOX City:
- Discord:
- Website:

And make sure to invite your friends, family, and others who will want to be notified of this transition!

We hope to see all of you on this new platform.

We highly recommend transitioning. As more vulnerabilities are discovered, this site will become unsafe to use.