FAQ: What is the scripting language?

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Normally, the client uses GML (Game Maker Language) for its scripting language. This is what is used when you host from the site, or playtest using the workshop. This is commonly referred to as "Legacy Server", or just "Legacy" for short. Inserting scripts involves selecting a brick and clicking the blue button with this symbol: </>

If you are using node-hill however, the language switches to javascript, and any GML scripts that you have will not work. Instead, you must insert scripts by putting them into the user_scripts folder included with the node-hill template. While node-hill is not as straightforward to setup and use as Legacy is, it is much better in nearly every other aspect.

In addition, the language will be switching to javascript whenever the new client releases.
The client does NOT use LUA. Do NOT let anybody get misinformed like that.

PS: No matter if your using Legacy or node-hill, you MUST port forward in order to host your games at all.

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yeah ik that but now atleast i wont have to answer questions about how do u script

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