What form of coding/scripting does this game use?

[Furry] CocoElements
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10:03 PM 07/10/2019
I've been learning lua for awhile now but now that I recently got on here I wanted to start creating games but don't know which type of coding to use as there are many different types such as: python, java, etc. I was told by someone that I should ask a mod because they didn't know so I thought this would be the appropriate place to post!

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10:04 PM 07/10/2019
Thought I've seen this before

[Furry] CocoElements
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10:05 PM 07/10/2019
Never mind! I've been told what form of coding it uses!

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05:41 AM 08/10/2019
Thought I've seen this before

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05:11 PM 08/10/2019
GML but soon to be javascript

[im] Square
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09:00 PM 08/10/2019
GML but the new client will only be taking javascript

node hill (the closest we have currently to a “good” client) also uses JavaScript so more the reason to learn it