Build man
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03:09 PM 20/11/2023
Recently I been comparing some features of websites such as; ROBLOX etc with BrickHill, and I found out that there is something lacking. The avatars generally don’t have movement, it’s not about 15 type body parts, there is just something which fells off, I believe there could been some changes to it, such as remaking that?
Anyways, I also got an idea for feature, I kindly suggest afding outfits to avatar page. Thats it
- Build Man

Build man
Joined 18/06/2019
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03:10 PM 20/11/2023
By Outfits, I don’t mean outfits especially, but the way it is formed, a new concept!

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05:02 PM 20/11/2023
Brick Luke deez nuts

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06:32 PM 20/11/2023
not reading all that 😎

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05:58 PM 23/11/2023
I agree with you. Also, to those above me, did you comment just to comment?