help my

[BHE] Supremejis
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05:46 PM 18/03/2023
can you help me i need a script
It's about every time a person (team) wins, the person from that team appears

[TROA] andrey
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05:47 PM 18/03/2023
ask chatgpt that guy is smart

[BHE] Supremejis
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07:29 PM 18/03/2023
A ok😄😄😁😁😁

[RARE] baconnoob7396xd
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12:56 PM 19/03/2023
chatgpt op

[GEM] Epicly Guy
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10:38 PM 19/03/2023
bro what the hell is that type of answer atleast help him, also chatgpt doesn't really know what BH is and normal js and brick hill js are different things.