Idea #8: Add a Rating System For Games

[RARE] Kimberly
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10:56 PM 11/09/2019
Hello! I have another idea for Brick Hill, they should add a rating system for sets. The way the system would work is basically you can choose if you either like the game or dislike the game and it will show up to other people. Now, there could be two ways of showing it, either it will be a like or dislike system or a star rating system. The way the like and dislike system would work is basically if you like the set you just played, you can choose to like the game, but, if you dislike the game or just don't like it, you can click on the dislike button and it will be displayed to other users who visit the set's page. The star rating system is basically the same thing but you can rate either 1 out of 5 stars or 1 out of 10 stars (which ever Brick Hill chooses). For example, if lots of people rated the game a bunch of low stars and not a lot of high stars then the game rating would be something like 1.8 out of 5 stars, and if lots of people rated the game high stars and only a few low stars then the game rating would show up as 4.6 out of 5 stars. I know that people can favorite the game but how would you know the people who dislike the game? This can be useful for game developers because if they're game has a bunch of dislikes on it the developer might think that there is something wrong with their game and they would try to fix it for people so it gets liked. If you like or dislike this idea, reply back with your opinion!

This is my 8th Brick Hill idea.


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10:57 PM 11/09/2019
good idea....

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11:02 PM 11/09/2019
good idea but you didnt have to type a paragraph

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11:34 PM 11/09/2019
this is some essay grade shit

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12:13 AM 12/09/2019
imagine being this mans teacher
id give you an f for making me read that

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12:25 AM 12/09/2019
Great idea! It would be nice for developers to see if they're game is good!