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09:07 PM 14/05/2022
A fleeting wish to end this nightmare
A hell on earth, it won't subside, there's
A thousand times we prayed for hope, how
We wanted to believe
Apocalyptic sound of bangs, and
Calamity upon our gates, and
The reckoning of human fate comes so uninvitedly
Harken to me, those forsaking history!
Now we must exterminate deserving enemies!
On that day, I wonder just what kind of eyes we see?
Wordless when they stare, what their expression speaks?
How much do we need to give to make it through the night?
The terror of the darkness to the morning light
I'd give my soul, I'd give my life!
Sasageyo, sasageyo
Give your heart up for tomorrow!
A sacrifice we all must make
A choice, a moment that could win the day!
Sasageyo, sasageyo
Give your heart up for tomorrow!
Should victory stand, it's in your hands -
The path to destiny, astray!

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then the world

was covered

in the darkness