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Some members of Media Discussion have requested something like this be created, here it is.

What is is essentially an automated listening log with a bunch of other features, think an all year enhanced Spotify Wrapped. You listen to a song on a streaming platform, notes what song you're listening to and builds statistics out of your listening data. Every tracked listen is known as a "scrobble".
Here is an example of what my profile looks like. You can see my username, my most recent listened to tracks, and how many scrobbles (listens), unique artists, and loved tracks (on, not loved tracks from other streaming services).

The first thing you're going to want to do is register for an account (IT'S FREEEEE) at
Once you register for an account, it'll look something like this:

The onboarding will prompt you to click on the "track your music", but all it does is take you to this subpage that shows you a list of ways to scrobble based on your streaming platform of choice.

If the guide proves too complicated, here is how to set up tracking on several streaming platforms of choice.

Spotify (desktop/mobile)
Spotify is the simplest service to connect as it's almost built in! Simply go to and click on the "Connect" button on the "Spotify Scrobble" option. Log into your Spotify account, click "AGREE" on the next page, and you should be done!

Youtube/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/most other platforms (desktop)

The best way to scrobble most other music platforms is to use the official Scrobbler browser extension for Chrome/Firefox/Edge. Install the extension via any of the links below, connect your account, and you should be all set.

Apple Music, Youtube/Bandcamp/Soundcloud (mobile)

Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to go about scrobbling Apple Music/other platforms on mobile. There are websites/apps where you can connect your account and enter tracks in manually, or there's apps similar to Shazam where you can let it listen via your microphone to what music is playing and automatically scrobble it from there.

And that's it! I'm leaving this thread open to replies so me and/or other experienced members of the community will be able to answer questions/help out. Thanks for reading!

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thats cool

05:09 PM 07/03/2022

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also my account is Mettat0n, feel free to follow me

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follow me too y’all

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Quote from doorway , 05:50 PM 07/03/2022
follow me too y’all
WTF!! i linked the wrong one

there we go

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eh, i'd rather stick with windows media player, but it could be useful if i ever change my mind

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what da hel is last fm

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so cool wow

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