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Guide to get a signature.

[MARIO] 1snowy
Joined 22/02/2019
Posts 7,660
10:39 PM 12/11/2021
you might see some people below their posts having something that you see in all their posts.

for an example

"I like BH

-Friendly guy"

You might be wondering how to get these, if you are, it's quite simple.

This also requires you to download a plugin so if you don't want to do that, just click off.

1. go to the Chrome Webstore or just go to

2. Download The Plugin By clicking the Blue Button

3. Go Back To BH (you might need to refresh your ta and go into settings.

4. Scroll Down to the bottom of the page, you should see a new settings tab.

5. Click The box under the text that says "Forum Signature"

6. Click "SAVE" when you're done!

Well done! You have a signature!

[CH] Hyebun1
Joined 10/10/2020
Posts 19,326
10:39 PM 12/11/2021
yes it works


[MARIO] 1snowy
Joined 22/02/2019
Posts 7,660
07:10 PM 13/11/2021
If you need help you can contact me in messages.

you're cool

[MARIO] 1snowy
Joined 22/02/2019
Posts 7,660
07:30 PM 22/11/2021
just bumping if anyone wants to know