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Dedicated servers or self hosted?

Joined 25/11/2020
Posts 10
07:34 AM 11/11/2021
I heard brick hill started using something like dedicated servers? Is this true?

[indo] BrickPeace
Joined 11/10/2021
Posts 3,319
07:35 AM 11/11/2021

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[Print] Phantasma
Joined 04/11/2020
Posts 17,166
07:36 AM 11/11/2021
I think there was or maybe still is a way to host your games on a dedicated server but it wasn’t made by brick hill

Joined 25/11/2020
Posts 10
07:36 AM 11/11/2021
Ok thanks for telling me i was confused

Joined 26/10/2020
Posts 3,809
11:55 PM 11/11/2021
This game/event actually use the dedicated server thingy

Joined 04/03/2021
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02:06 PM 13/11/2021
dedicated servers:
not made by brick hill

Joined 29/03/2020
Posts 40
12:38 PM 22/11/2021
Dedicated servers are released to specific players like me that are beta client users, it's still a work in progress so it isn't going to be done soon, by the way doesn't host dedicated servers