Does any forumer have tips

[Ponyz] Compass
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02:15 AM 18/07/2021
On how to post more and stay on the forums longer without other things distracting you?

I haven't been able to post a lot since June 2020

[MAFIA] Coconut Malled
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02:16 AM 18/07/2021
well dont ask me for tips
cause i dont know how i am even able to do this lol


[Hams] Hamko
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02:16 AM 18/07/2021
play music
Be on a call
eat some snack
Annoy ppl
and have the simple response to threads

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09:02 AM 18/07/2021
just try to be active and post

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12:32 PM 18/07/2021
Try using Sync Hill to see what posts you've already viewed with the number of new replies