Alternative for hosting?

[P00R] Wix Boy
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12:46 AM 16/04/2021
I wanna make and host games but I'm kind of iffy on port forwarding. I don't want to be getting ddosed or people seeing my IP or anything and I wanna know if there's any alternatives.

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12:48 AM 16/04/2021
You can ask smartlion to host your game

[P00R] Wix Boy
Joined 09/02/2020
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01:43 AM 16/04/2021
nevermind, found out my router has a firewall

[FAS] Below
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02:08 AM 18/04/2021
use a vps if you dont wanna get ddosed

[MUKE] KraveSon
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05:07 AM 18/04/2021
Mate let's be real
Even if someone did get your ip all they can find is your country