How to portforward better than ppsychrite

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11:36 PM 11/11/2017

Everything written in ppsychrite’s guide is now written there along with some other, hopefully useful, information on hosting games.
01:00 AM 12/11/2017

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05:09 AM 12/11/2017
Thank you SO much.

Super helpful and it took less then 30 minutes for the average computer nerd like me.
01:07 PM 18/11/2017
Don't mind me here, just passing through.

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04:32 PM 30/12/2017
i have a tp-link router and all what is explained here its differrent to my router im mean my router is different to the explained things
02:27 PM 17/03/2018
03:18 PM 29/03/2018
okay cool

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08:43 PM 30/03/2018
thanks ivo
04:04 AM 04/06/2018
link no work
06:53 PM 09/10/2018
OMG thank you! Now I can host my castle today

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11:44 AM 01/01/2019
I hope to see my games soon....
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