Is the new client going to be lua or javascript?

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09:12 AM 08/04/2021
I found on github that they were making it lua but i dont actually know if its true

[WAIFU] AntiRaider400
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09:12 AM 08/04/2021
it's going to be english

[Code] Noah Cool Boy
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09:56 AM 08/04/2021
Some rumors are saying it will be lua, but nothing has been confirmed yet
So, we don't know

[Pie] Piero
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10:10 AM 08/04/2021
Some staff say it could be Lua, but it’s all still speculation.

[Frost] JadeJokester
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03:15 PM 08/04/2021
Theres say it will be Lua, but assuming that developer mode still uses node-hill to host, javascript will likely still be an option in developer mode

not sure about the "visitor" mode or whatever its called though

[Code] Chlps
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08:24 AM 09/04/2021
Yea I think it will be lua as there are young users that won't know javascript and for lua its very easy to learn but tbh I wish its java script as its very easy to flex and its very advance