Your mods is bad

coconut fan4
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01:51 PM 06/04/2021
One of your mods is doing a bad job at modding an account, and I want justice to my account " Coconut 10 " - ban note

Terminated for spamming is that a fair banned? Why don't you ban me for 1 hour, 3 hour, 12 hour, 1 day or 3 days banned? Mods are very emotional, I just say that this website is bad and they already terminated my account? They can't take an opinion, their are very weak.

think before you act

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01:52 PM 06/04/2021
brick hill banned me for 2 weeks for saying "‎ ‏‏‎‎ ‏‏‎‎ ‏‏‎"

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01:52 PM 06/04/2021
Bad moderation is a common thing in brick hill, you can appeal your account by sending an ban appeal by email or discord

[stkmn] ZI0
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01:53 PM 06/04/2021
are u supposed to get like a 3 day ban or like a hour ban for spamming??

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01:54 PM 06/04/2021
i have to agree

they need to think before they act

i mean look at my ban

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02:43 PM 06/04/2021
real mods are no better than these forum mods, thinking that giving me my final warning at 38 total bans when there are others at their 50's and still have received no warning, considering their bans were way lengthier than what mine were.

[im] Square
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03:13 PM 06/04/2021
yeah nice joke. too bad you're giving an entirely one-sided story and it's not just "spamming" you got banned for.

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09:44 PM 06/04/2021
I have to agree with the mods for this one, they simply thought that you were a troll/raid account and was trying to trash the site so terminated you like every other troll

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10:43 PM 06/04/2021
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[P00R] D o n t o c h
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11:37 PM 06/04/2021
you literly spamed brick hill sucks and you already had a warning

[luv] 9so
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01:48 AM 07/04/2021
Quote from D o n t o c h , 11:37 PM 06/04/2021
you literly spamed brick hill sucks and you already had a warning


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