What is the bst place to postfarming

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03:14 AM 22/02/2021
I don't want to get caught by mods pr minimods

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03:15 AM 22/02/2021
Your mom

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03:15 AM 22/02/2021
off topic

[Pnxp] Phoenixtino
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03:16 AM 22/02/2021
Off topic.

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02:05 AM 24/02/2021
why do you want to habe posts so bad its just how much youve forumed

[MUKE] KraveSon
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07:31 AM 24/02/2021
post it on brick hill hub ez

[im] Square
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01:51 PM 24/02/2021
nowhere because as soon as it hits popular topics you're fucked

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02:30 PM 25/02/2021
Hub framing

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04:16 PM 25/02/2021
There is no place known best for postfarming, although most people with high post counts usually make threads and reply to threads in off-topic because it's most active due to it being indulged in constant arguments throughout the day. I'd not like to encourage postfarming since it will most likely get you banned in minutes if any active moderator/administrator catches you replying to threads with replies that make ittle to no sense ; I'm talking with personal experience.