New client

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08:33 AM 11/01/2021
When Is the new client coming out? I don't like the one that we have now! Is there an alternative one I can use to?

[MARIO] Rhysjrthedog
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10:08 AM 11/01/2021
ugh says no

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02:02 PM 11/01/2021
There is no concrete release date for the new client currently, and I would suggest Polytoria since they have a client based off of the Unity engine (I think).

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02:03 PM 11/01/2021

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07:52 PM 11/01/2021
the new client does not have a set release date anymore, as other "release dates" were not met. until then, you can use BrickPlayer by Ty_ (if it is ever fixed) instead of the client we have now.

[Win] KingJesseSalad
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10:11 PM 12/01/2021
new client maybe coming in 2021 HOPEFULLY

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07:16 AM 13/01/2021
Oh I would love to see it when It comes out! I hope its like the roblox one were it supports sound like footsteps when you walk. If there is a new client I will be playing more often!

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02:04 PM 19/01/2021
BrickPlayer don't working.