How to host (tutorial for the don't know how)

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Today I will be poorly telling you how to host your very first game on Brick-Hill!

Before we begin, we are going to assume you already have a .brk file, and a set on site. If you already have the node-hill template with the brk, start.js, launch_client.bat and other stuff, skip ahead!

First, you'll want to go here.
You'll need to make sure you have node.js installed, and then make sure to download and extract the Node-Hill template ( )

After you download and extract the zip file, have it somewhere on your computer.
Next, take your .brk file (the file that your game map is contained in) and put it in the maps folder of the template!

Any scripts you have coded in .js will go in the user_scripts folder!

Next, we are going to do the part that allows you to host games off your device!
This takes a few steps so I'll list it with numbers
1) Open up cmd prompt
2) Type 'ipconfig' into cmd prompt (without the single quotes)
3) copy your default gateway
4) paste your default gateway into your browser
5) log in to your router's online admin panel
6) (it's different depending on your router so this may not work) go to the advanced settings tab and go to 'Port Forwarding/Port Triggering'
For reference, here is a cropped picture of what it looks like on my router
7) Next, there should be buttons with stuff like 'edit service'. Click on 'add custom service'.
8) Pick whatever name you wish for the service. Set the external port range to any number (I suggest 42480!)
9) Change the internal ip address to the internal ip address of your device

Now you are done with setting up the service!

Next, open up the start.js file from the node-hill template with any text editor.
Change the 'gameId' part to the id for your set. Next, change the 'port' to the number you chose for the external port range.
Change 'local' to false (change to true when testing in workshop!) so that others can play when you host.
Change the 'map' attribute to whatever you named your .brk file.
And now, you are almost done!

Now, click on the file explorer's url bar while inside the node-hill template and type cmd!

This will open up cmd prompt directly inside of the folder.

What you want to do now, is type 'npm install node-hill@latest' and run that command.
This will install node-hill.

Once node-hill is done downloading, run the command 'node .\start.js' and it should say 'Posted to [insert game link here' !

I hope this helped yall, if anything was unclear or you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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04:34 PM 19/11/2020
it didn't work

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Quote from SomeRandomIdiot , 04:34 PM 19/11/2020
it didn't work
Then explain what error you got

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bumping to help people

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Doing what voidism had done

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Long one but it is very helpful.

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This is very helpful to new users!

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OR ask a professional hoster like smartlion who doesnt have a potato pc

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Quote from Encarcelador , 09:33 PM 25/11/2020
OR ask a professional hoster like smartlion who doesnt have a potato pc
Even SmartLion has his limits and only so many sets can be created by these few.

So letting people host there own games and they get both the bits and the place visits from it would be nice to have.

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