V0.3, 13.58MB
V11.0.3, 492KB
If you want to try something new, the beta release of the next Brick Hill Workshop is now open to public testers! Keep scrolling to find out more about what's been packed into this build, or dive into it right now by paying for access below.

Rest assured; all of what you spend on beta access goes directly back into funding the development of the client and workshop.

If you can't afford beta access - don't worry! The finished game will be completely free to play in the future.
Workshop Tester Brick
To say thanks for helping us test the beta builds of the new client, you'll also receive the Workshop Beta Brick for your avatar!
Performance Upgrades
You'll no longer be limited by lag when building with thousands of bricks!
Materials and Surfaces
Play around with diverse new mediums when creating your maps.
Arctic Research Complex by rowbot
Intuitive Controls
Work in a smooth workshop with controls tailored for the best experience.
New Environments
Tailor everything you make with revamped environment features!
spacebuilder's Keep by Illusionism
Dynamic Lighting
Control the aesthetic you desire with ambience and light sources.
Mushroom Caves
Ongoing Development
By becoming a tester, you'll influence how we shape the beta build's development.
Pirate Ship by spacebuilder