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If you're a fan of me or my YouTube channel (ratatooie) then this is the group for you! If you dont...
Members: 94
Brick Hill
All fans of Brick-Hill!
Members: 87
Ze Rats
We are ze rats of Brick Hill!
Members: 85
Krusty Krab
We make delicious fake food! Burger Eater is better by the way. *Items you should buy:* https...
Members: 79
Recognized Users
This clan is for the recognized users of brick-hill You will be ranked by how recognized you ar...
Members: 78
Members: 74
Brick Cards
card new card
Members: 71
YouTubers of Brick Hill
jus sum boys making youtube videos Post your channel on group wall and I'll rank you.
Members: 69
Brick Hill Awards
The official group for the Brick Hill Awards! RANK GUIDE: Audience: those who aren't nominated a...
Members: 68
We > You Tsk I'll rank you how I want too
Members: 64
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