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Creators 41 Members This Clan Its For All Builders And Creators
Who can make:
Thank's For Joining!

Send a message when you donate to rank you "DONATORS!!!"
Link: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/26690
If you create a good shirt,pant,game just send message me and i will rank you more if its good one.

Fort Brick-Hill 40 Members Fort Brick-Hill hold's the "Dark Side" of Brick-Hill believe it or not there is a tiny bit of Dark stuff hiding inside Brick-Hill that we research on and document!

(Ranks are only given out if the owner thinks you deserve them)

(ғιяsт 3 мүтнs: мσявι∂, נσнη_ℓℓσү∂, sℓ00zү)

1. Be Nice
2. Don't Troll
3. Don't spam the group walls (you can advertise your items you post on the shop I don't care about that just don't advertise your clan!)

NOTICE: we choose who we ally with and make enemies with so don't just run up to me and message 'hey make his dude an enemy' or hey make this group an ally (just no plz)

(After my long absence I am back... I will start ranking people constantly again I hope this group gets over 100 members IF POSSIBLE! good night peeps!)

Brick Hill Scripters 39 Members Need help with scripting? Well then you came to the right place! Brick Hill scripters will help you get started with scripting! Join now today!

PaperBoy 37 Members Group for PaperBoys,

MUST WEAR PAPERBOY HAT (only 10 bits) to get into the rank “PaperBoys”

Leader - Tommie
Co-Leader - [Not planning on getting one]

Namesnipe 37 Members This is the OG namesnipe group, any other group with the same title/concept is a copy.

Name Snipe 36 Members Hello and welcome to Name Snipe!

This is a namesnipe group owned by perfect. We have fair rankings and your rank can be changed by simply messaging me :)

This group is not-for-profit and I will rank you within 24 hours of joining the group.

Furry 36 Members Furry community group

this isn't a joke.

BH Namesnipes 36 Members welcome we namesnipe names

Pewdiepie's Army 35 Members Pewdiepie's 9 year old army will rise against T-series!



If you can’t click on the links, try checking my profile, 6bit

Normal fan:
9 year old

Fan who buys Merch:
Supreme 9 year old

Fan who donates:


galaxy players join for free bits 34 Members Hello everyone
Welcome to this giveaway group we (owners) are very inactive so you might have to wait
Anyways here are the rules:
-Make A t-shirt that costs 2bucks we wont give over 3bucks(name it)
-Wait for the owners to do a wheel spin
-and we will announce the winner in this bio/description
-And (qMIDOp) will be checking this clan every day

Namesnipers 33 Members Hello! This is a group about who has the best names, Join and get ranked appropriately.

Floppy Head 33 Members Do you want floppy head?
Do you HAVE floppy head?
Do you just like the head?
Well this is the clan for you!

Profit, Trade 33 Members CLOSED. DISCORD TO KEEP IN TOUCH. https://discord.gg/TzcDwB6

360 No Scope 33 Members Lowest level of memers. We’re dank. Just a forum clan with a good ID.

If you have atleast 3K posts u get special rank.

Gods 32 Members You dare question our authority?

cool kids 32 Members #1 Elite Fourming Clan

Name snipe 31 Members Wanna see how rare your name is well this is the right place

Brick Hat Hackers 29 Members we will hack you'

The United Kingdom 28 Members The United Kingdom for all the brits out there

noob clan 28 Members noob clan is good

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