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Vest Studio 64 Members
(Group reopen):Update group logo 2.5 (don't worry the old icon is coming back. ;) ) 🧐
[History]:Founder is Jddije, BrickWatcher, and UnKnown
"December 27 2018 the day that the group has been ruined by the untrust user mod."
[News]:(ᴄᴏᴍɪɴɢ sᴏᴏɴ)
NOTE:Something is coming, another update to the clan coming soon!!! Also it been while since I haven't change anything to the icon...
Shop shirts/pants:https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/35730/
https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/33265/ and more in the future!!!

Also we still accept player tho - Test6086

PINK GUY 64 Members

Name Snipe 61 Members
Hello and welcome to Name Snipe!

This is a namesnipe group owned by perfect. We have fair rankings and your rank can be changed by simply messaging me :)

This group is not-for-profit and I will rank you within 24 hours of joining the group.

cool kids 61 Members
#1 Elite Fourming Clan

“Namesniping” clan

giveaway at 100 members

Giveaway 61 Members

666 61 Members
join for #1 victory royale and golden scar in fortnite

Fort Brick-Hill 61 Members
Fort Brick-Hill hold's the "Dark Side" of Brick-Hill believe it or not there is a tiny bit of Dark stuff hiding inside Brick-Hill that we research on and document!

(Ranks are only given out if the owner thinks you deserve them)

(ғιяsт 3 мүтнs: мσявι∂, נσнη_ℓℓσү∂, sℓ00zү)

1. Be Nice
2. Don't Troll
3. Don't spam the group walls (you can advertise your items you post on the shop I don't care about that just don't advertise your clan!)

Made a new rank so if your rank is incorrect message me I renamed ranks and tried putting people back to their "ranks" that I saw them in.

Budget Bubbleism 60 Members
It's cheaper than real Bubbleism

Pls join this clan pls join! 59 Members
Hello everyone if you joined this clan thx! And I hope you enjoyed my special clan!

Builderman's Y'all Clan 59 Members
We give free air

Gods 57 Members
You dare question our authority?

flamingo fanclub 55 Members
we are fans of albert on brick-hill

if albert sees and wants this he can have it immediately

Flamingo https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/28703/ (FREE)
SU TART https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/34600/ (FREE)
Baby Albert https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/58091/ (2 BITS)
Albert & Jake https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/35563/ (5 BITS)


Rest In Peace Brick-Luke 54 Members
This Is A Memorial For Luke Dunn (Brick-Luke)

Pewdiepie's Army 53 Members
Pewdiepie's 9 year old army will rise against T-series!



If you can’t click on the links, try checking my profile, 6bit

Normal fan:
9 year old

Fan who buys Merch:
Supreme 9 year old

Fan who donates:


Floppy Head 52 Members
Do you want floppy head?
Do you HAVE floppy head?
Do you just like the head?
Well this is the clan for you!

Forumers of Brick Hill 52 Members
Welcome to Forumers of Brick Hill (FoBH)! We are proud to say we are Forumers!

-New Ranks will come
-New thumbnail will come

Owner- Iqra

-Road to 100 members!
-Lets keep this group growing!

RareWasay's Fan Group 52 Members
Hey! Welcome to the official RareWasay's fan group!! Join to stay updated with new upcoming videos :)

Subscribe Here:

Please feel free to leave your video suggestions on the group wall, it really helps me out!

Mega Fans: You've caught my attention and deserve a rank up.
More Ranks coming soon.

haha i win brickhill 50 Members
haha i win brickhill

pimpsquad 49 Members
the picture that was set when i was hacked has been removed

sad days

Creators 48 Members
This Clan Its For All Builders And Creators
Who can make:
Thank's For Joining!

Send a message when you donate to rank you "DONATORS!!!"
Link: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/26690
If you create a good shirt,pant,game just send message me and i will rank you more if its good one.

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