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1ik 233 Members
stop watching my terrible content

Blackshark™ Premium Clothing 230 Members
Who said premium items have to come at a premium price?


Search "[Blackshark]" in the shop to see all Blackshark clothes!
All Blackshark clothes are sold by N4il. 🠇


🠇Purchase The Official Donor T-Shirt to receive the Donor rank

🠇Purchase The Official Deluxe Donor T-Shirt to receive the Deluxe Donor rank


𝐎𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬:

𝐔𝐩𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬:


Customer - A Valued Blackshark customer/fan. Thank you for your support!
Donor - Buyers of the official donor T-Shirt
Deluxe Donor - Buyers of the official deluxe donor T-Shirt
Deluxe Donor+ - Buyers of both donor and deluxe donor T-Shirts
Moderator - Blackshark
CEO - N4il

IDSnipes 229 Members
Think you have a great IDSnipe on clothing, on your profile or even a forum post?
Great welcome to our group.

People will be ranked depending on how good there IDSnipe is.
Ranks will be coming soon.

Diamonds 223 Members
Click the diamond. And click the green button, We are on the top 10! if your reading this join the group if you are already in the group don't look. ◕‿‿◕ ZACK. new merch on sale until May 10. Javier Thaddeus Zachary. We beat tummy too 100!

memes 222 Members
"We love dank memes!"
Founded by Fault in 2017.

Do you like memes? I sure do
this clan is for anyone who likes memes, old or new!

Da Bananas 222 Members

We hit 200 members In DaBananas! :D

🍌🍌 Welcome! 🍌🍌


Cirno - i love banannas and video games
ofg - I like eating banana
Hamko - Bananas
Antonio Tomato - JOIN DABANANAS!
Micheus - Micheus was here
R_ry test account - STOP BANNING ME
robloxisblockedlol - dabanana
Bloxxyspirit - bananas are epic fruits. They are yellow that make happiness. Banana is E P I C NO CAP
facer was here, remember me when I get termed!!
About Us: DaBananas Is a BH clan that makes giveaways/merchs (Giveaways are mostly in the DaBananas offical discord server, would be linked)

We're on: (site down)
Bloxold: (currently down)
Honkai Impact: (coming soon)

🍌🍌 DaBananas Brick-Hill Merchs 🍌🍌
__ ___

Banana God -

Lazy Banana -

Banana Hitman (+) -

Banana -

I Want BIG banana :v) -

Smol Banana -

Banana Hitman (-) -

Banana (v2) -

Da Bananas (Devil Edition) (FAN SHIRT) -

Da Bananas Offical Fan T-shirt -

BanaBikini -

DB Suit -

Spooky Banana -

🍌About Roles

Rookie Bananas - You get It by Joining DaBananas
Mighty Bananas - buy this t-shirt and messege me for the role!
Corn - ask the owner for that role
Cus Was Here
Banana of the week - Win banana of the week competition
Supporter - support DaBananas
Elite Bananas - obtainable to the 190th user
200 Member: Given to the 200 member

🚨 Join Our Discord Server! 🚨

Da Bananas Offical Discord Server:

Releated Clans:

Da Tomato -
Da Foodies -
Da Apples -

If you find any Issue, contact Entering#9962 for help or join the discord server.


Brick Hill Myth’s Containment 212 Members
A group on Myths in Brick Hill. I will be investigating you if you're a real myth.

News: More people... comes more myths

Group has hit 200 members!!!!
ShoutBox, My boi chuck isn't just a myth, he's a legend.


Join Stratus Cafe!

Ninfo Studios 212 Members
i make videos sometimes
i also made poop world one time

[limited edition halloween donation(1 Buck)]

[0 Buck]
[1 Bit]
[1 Buck]
[5 Bucks]
[10 Bucks]

a e s t h e t i c 210 Members

Rare Usernames! 204 Members
Basic - Not rare in any shape or form
Bypassed/Funny - Inappropriate usernames or just overall funny ones
Creative - Not some boring name, a cool, recognizable, and creative one
Uncommon Words - A long or uncommon word that isn't often used
Space Name/Phase - Group of words with spaces
Common Words - Short words that are more used and more common than some other words
Really Rare - Have a super cool namesnipe
Godly Tier - Best rank in this group. Godly names only!
Name of the week - either a good name snipe or a name that the owner likes

-Also remember that the lower ranks are in no particular order I just went through and made them.


Lego Island 202 Members
Here at this group, we talk about all things Lego Island. Old 90s Lego system town sets. everything lego. (Meme_z like lego )
Dear actors then acting will start on Saturday or Sunday Ok good. Or join for actor rank Fluf is the best
Brick Hill's Biggest Lego Clan!
Message sumani10 to get ranked up.
We Are number one!
IF you Wanna be Cool then buy this shirt Link:
Created on 6/26/2019
Lego island admin shirt

Signature Wall

do the mario
Nosy Fell in a River in Lego City
Meme_z was an OG admin
ninfo wuz here
Also Ferrera
Meme_z super cool
LOL LOL LOL has been hiding and sneaking
A wild 𝐀𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐚𝐧 has appeared in Lego City!
Sarcastic was here close to the start

Sweetheart was also here

Ball Gang
Don’t forget to join our discord!

Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Won 1 loss pp

Art of the week!

Unity 198 Members
previously owned by sarcastic

previously owned by amari

previously owned by pdog

alt 198 Members

IlI's Alts. 191 Members
All of my swag alts

my friends 191 Members
After a long day in the fruit stand with your best friend Passion Fruit, you both wiped the sweat off your forehead.

“Gah, what a long day." you groaned, after restocking the last fruit stand.

"Do you wanna play truth or dare with everyone? It'll be a nice break don't you think?" Passion gave a closed eye smile.

“Ah, what a wonderful idea!" you exclaimed, running off to gather the rest of your friends.

Soon, you all sat in a circle with each other, you in between Passion and Orange, your crush.

Passion went first.

"So (y/n), truth? Or dare?~" Passion questioned you. ;) "Hmm, I pick dare." you replied :))

"I dare you to..." she looked lost in thought, before deciding on something. "Suck Orange's toes."

You blush at the thought. She wanted you? To suck HES toes??? A dream come true!

Orange peels off his shoes and socks, ready for your saliva to be all over his foot.

You gulp, staring down at his feet, before taking it into your mouth and sucking on his toes.

You slip out a moan while doing so, and blush harder in embarrassment.

~timeskip :)~

"Hey (y/n), why don't you meet me in the back? ;)" Orange whispers to you after the game of truth or dare.

"O-ok daddy," you blush a bright shade of ready, before following him into the back room ;)))

Trade! 189 Members
How it works
You post a trade advertisement in the chat, and people will send you trades :3. That's all! Thanks for reading :P

Stay in this clan and lets make it to the first page someday!
Second biggest trading clan
Website: No website
Just spam chat when brick hill updates

trxsh aesthetic 187 Members
trxsh aesthetic
trxsh aesthetic is a clothing group owned by Trxsh
Clothing Store:N/A.
Unifroms: Wear Black shirts, Pants,etc.
Tell me what rank you want on PM.

Update 5/27/2020:
Wsg I'm back haha- PM me now for rank up info.

Sponsered by Builderman's Y'all Clan

Make us your PRIMARY to show you are in The Trxsh Gang!!

Oh Yh, If You Want A Rank-Up, Buy One Of these:
-The Shirt I'm wearing RN..(put it on)
-Black Bandana {Put it ON}
-Black Adidas Pants {You know}
-Horns of Beelzebub (EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT!}

Nigeria 182 Members
what do I put here
Anyway fuck Niger gay country
Nigeria superior

Gods 181 Members
You dare question our authority?

Name snipe and id snipe 180 Members
Welcome to Name Snipe and Id Snipe!

Our website - SOON

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