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RareWasay's Fan Group 113 Members
Hey! Welcome to the official RareWasay's fan group!! Join to stay updated with new upcoming videos :)

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Please feel free to leave your video suggestions on the group wall, it really helps me out!

Mega Fans: You've caught my attention and deserve a rank up.
More Ranks coming soon.

Brick Hill Myth Hunters 110 Members
--------- (Brick Hill Myth Hunters) In this group, we crack the case on what is really going on in the darkest corners of Brick Hill. Join us, and be apart of our discoveries.
What is a myth on Brick Hill? Something offsetting, compare it to a creepypasta.
Recent Updates:
Our discord: https://discord.gg/nzdTYVX

1. I feel happy to say this we are gaining new MYTHS to interview, and we will be releasing a hunter application game soon! (More info will be released for this when time comes.)

2. We are looking for staff send me a pm on brickhill, maybe you will have the chance to get into the staff team just send me your discord and I could interview you about what you could bring to the table that others couldn't.

3. Just a reminder YOU HAVE TO DM ME AFTER THE INVESTIGATION PROCESS!, or you will have to dm me faster to be put in the investigation process.

4. You must message me to be a hunter, we are still working on getting stuff set up.

Rare User Ids 109 Members
Our Discord : https://discord.gg/cCkTHCJ

(Promote the clan if you wish)

If you never got a rank rejoin or we will find you ASAP.

Welcome to RARE User IDS

We rank you depending on your user ID!

Owner : NovaCubes

Founded : 6/22/19

Ranks : (Currently 19 Main Ones)

(Being Ranked) - (Anyone who Is Not Yet Ranked)
(Dirt Ids) - (Anyone 200001 id+)
(Common Ids) - (90001 - 199999 (Not Counting 100,000th User))
(Uncommon Ids) - (80001-89999)
(Rare-ish Ids) - (70001-79999)
(Rare Ids) - (60001-69999)
(Rarer Ids) - (50001-59999)
(Mega Rare Ids) - (40001-49999)
(Super Rare Ids) - (30001-39999)
(Legendary Ids) - (20001-29,999)
(Mythic Ids) - (10001-19999)
(Godly Ids) - (1001-9999)
(Hyper Ids) - (101-999)
(First Hundred Ids) - (2-5 5-99)
(Number Ids) - (12,123,1234,12345,123456,etc.)
(Straight Ids) - (Any Id that has the same number the whole wasy [EX : 99999])
(Milestones Ids) - (1 and any number that only has zeros ahead of it)
(Dank Ids) - (420,69,42069, 6969)
(Satanic Ids) - Anything with 6 After it (6, 66, 666, 6666, 66666, etc.)
(Founder) - The Owner of the Group

(Maybe More to Come Soon)

The Famous People Of Brick-Hill 107 Members
100 Members!

Join and we will see if you are famous!
If you want to donate: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=19793
If i ranked you wrong rejoin.


Mondays : Meme Time.
Tuesdays: 1 Bit Giveaways!
Wednesdays: Random.
Thursdays: You will pick what we should do.
Fridays: ( Give a idea )
Saturdays: ( Give a idea )
Sundays: Ranking players.

Sometimes i'm really inactive and events may not occur.

Donater - Donated to the group.

oobey106's group 106 Members
welcome.to be a supporter wear theese https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/55254
and say i love oobey106's group. to be banned you have to bully someone when your in group or have a username thats not ALLOWED to be brick hill admin you have to be an actual admin if you go in the banned rank and you see people who look the same thats someone else trying to get me banned

Brick Cards 104 Members

new card

Giveaway 94 Members

10K bucks + 5* Discord nitros giveaway for giveaway clan members only

⁨ ⁨ ⁨ ⁨ ⁨ ⁨ ⁨ ⁨ ⁨VVV

12/20/19 - 12/31/19

Jewel Encrusted Bok 94 Members
for the owners of the Jewel Encrusted Diamond Chicken Hat lol

YouTubers of Brick Hill 94 Members

Welcome to the YouTubers of Brick Hill clan! This is a place for Brick Hill YouTubers and fans alike.

We're on our way to 100 members!


If you are a YouTuber who makes Brick Hill content, message me with your YouTube channel and some form of evidence like a link to one of your videos with a comment saying something like, "Cycle", "Yes I am ___", etc. (then you can delete your comment after I respond).


This clan was created and formally owned by Landen:

Founded: 2017


Brick Hill 93 Members
All fans of Brick-Hill!

Jail 92 Members
Northside Correctional Facility

Giveaway at 100 members! Join to enter! Prize is 300 Bucks. Warden, evils, and Name Snipe are reviving this place. Due to some botting we’re now a pend-Group.


Established in 2019, the facility has brought upon maximum security prisoners to rehabilitate, and refurbish it's inmates to become better and more knowledgeable citizens in the free world. Northside is known for it's ability to carry the most dangerous criminals in the state.


Recruitment Program:
Hey guys. If your interested for working for Northside Correctional Facility aka β€œJail” I’ve started the recruitment program. For every member that was recruited by you get 5 bucks.
How to do this:
1. Join the group: https://www.brick-hill.com/clan/2087/
2. PM Warden to get a proper rank.
3. Start recruiting and earning


Police Uniform:

Shirt: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/82094/
Pants: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/82096/

Inmate Uniform:

Shirt: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/82101
Pants: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/82102/

Brick Hill Awards 92 Members
The official group for the Brick Hill Awards!

Audience: those who aren't nominated and are watching/voting in the awards.
Recognized: those who were nominated in an awards in the past.
Nominees: those who were nominated in the awards.
Winners: those who won an award for the awards.
Honored: those who greatly contributed to the awards.
Co-Hosts: those who help host the awards.
Host: the host of the awards.

Good luck!

the namesnipers 90 Members

Ze Rats 88 Members
We are ze rats of Brick Hill!

daycare's alts 87 Members

this clan has my alts

daycare (the account) is currently inactive, I mostly use huge now. If you want to visit the old account daycare, simply search ''rely'' in users

(I no longer put my alts in this clan)

what has happened to daycare: pevent

The BH Jackpot 86 Members
Welcome to the daily/weekly Brick-Hill Jackpot, hosted by 1ik.

Each week, whenever a certain amount of bits/bucks is donated to the account, it will be given away, by spinning a wheel with your username added if you own each new entree t-shirt that's uploaded onto this account.

Brick-Hill Code 85 Members
Coding can be hard.

But here you will be able to discuss coding with the Brick-Hill coders.

DISCUSSION THREAD: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/147658

πŸ’¬Spamming the wall is bannable.


Rank Guide:

Coder: New Member
Old Coder: Old Member

Verified: Verified Developers of Brick-Hill
Clothing Designer: Designs Merchandise.

Moderator: Moderates the clan.

Administrator: Players that are extremely trustworthy.

Brick-Hill Code: BHC
Creator: Coder

Make sure to use the scripting subforum if you need help!

Brick Hill Myth’s Containment 84 Members
A group on Myths in brick hill. I will be investigating you if your a real myth.

News: More people..comes more myths

Furry 82 Members
Furry community group

this isn't a joke.

TOP 77 Members
(Tall's OG Players)

Hopefully a more active and accurately rating rare name group

Not Rare Names:
Redtoecatboyred, mando3929, 69xx_lol_xx69.

Semi-Rare Names:
Speaking, Reading, Reader.

Rare Names:
Tall, Cool, Red.

Phrase Names:
ReadAlot, DrinkWater, GetBread.

Funny Names:
Masturbate, P*ssy, C*nt.

Item Names:
Fool Cap, Egg, Gamer Shades.

L33T SP34K:
H3110, t0p, k3y.

ID Snipes:
(66666) (10000) (100)

3 Letters:
S89, ka4, aks.

Period Snipes:
Google.com, Youtube.com, brick-hill.com.

IRL Names:
John, Dave, Terry.

Too Rare:
A, Ok, No.

Famous People:
Ratatooie, Spacebuilder, Louis.

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