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Cats 283 Members

big gamers XDD11!!1 281 Members

owned by GH0UL

fsfk's group of many alts 276 Members
group for my alt accounts

alts i cant log into:
Murray (old main)
Astro God

Alt count: 255

LGBT+ Community 260 Members
This is a group for the LGBT+ Community of Brick Hill.

DM lewd or a Rank Sorter to get your desired rank.

Buffer rank is for rankers to correctly place each and every individual into the right rank.
Unless you have sent a message to a ranker with either Supporter or your LGBTQ+ Status, you will be left in buffer rank or kicked out simply to get others ranked. If this happens, it doesn't mean we dislike you, it means we want to make sure we rank as many individuals correctly as possible.

Team Bill 235 Members
Team bill is the biggest army group on brick-hill!

I would say this group is for the tough, but that would be an understatement...

Brick Hill Bobs 234 Members
-------------------------------------------------- About ----------------------------------------------------

We are the Bobs of Brick Hill! We are the main Foundation of Brick hill! We have paved the steps for newcomers to enjoy Brick Hill! We are Bobs! (You can join if you're not a bob too!) If you don't get ranked within 48 Hours, Please Contact the 'Overseer Bob' .

------------------------------------------------ Updates ---------------------------------------------------

We are currently at war with the group "Corn Cult".

Security has been raised to prevent bots.

-------------------------------------------------- Ranks----------------------------------------------------

People in the "Pending" rank are to be Ranked. To request a Special Rank, Please contact "Oversee Bob" or "Bob".

Detained People are people who have been Misbehaving on the Group or are Suspected Bots. Most suspected Bots get kicked now. To Appeal, please contact "Overseer Bob" or "Bob".

Builder Bob - A "Builder Bob" is where the normal players who have been ranked go, To request a Change of Rank, Please contact "Overseer Bob" or "Bob".

Bling Bling Bob - A "Bling Bling Bob" is a Player that has Requested to join the Rank that has 100+ Bucks in their account. To request this Rank you must have a inventory Worth more than 100+ Bucks. To Request this Rank, Please contact "Overseer Bob" or "Bob".

Strange Bob - A "Strange Bob" is a player who has been Ranked by the Staff because their account has been found to be Strange or Unusual. You can not apply for this Rank, The Staff members must find your account as a "Strange" Account.

Security Bob - A "Security Bob" is a User that owns a Weapon and has Applied for the Rank of "Security Bob". To Apply for the "Security Bob" Rank, you must contact "Overseer Bob" or "Bob" and they will give you the Test to Apply.

Military Bob - A "Military Bob" is a Player That owns a Military shirt / Special Forces Shirt and Pants (Must be Equipped) and has Weapons worth over 5 Bucks (Can be Multiple Weapons) And has it Equipped. To Apply for this Rank Please contact "Overseer Bob" or "Bob" to Receive the Test and Code.

----------- - The "----------" Rank is the Divider between Staff and Other Group Members. This can not be Applied for anymore.

BrickHill Bob - BrickHill Bob is the Party / Event Organizer. When we hold Trainings, Party Events, Drills, Ect. He will Host the Servers. This can not be Applied for as it is a Staff Role.

Armed Forces Bob(s) - Armed Forces Bob (Angry Bob Boy, ooflolroblox) Are the War Starters and Are Incharge of Recruits For the Military Bob(s). These people Declare who is Allied and who are Enemies. This Rank can not be Applied for for as it is a Staff Role.

Overseer Bob - Overseer Bob is the man who sees all. (Besides Bob) The Overseer Bob can Rank and DeRank people, He Watches us all and puts the Misbehaved people into the "Detained" Rank. Overseer Bob is 2nd in Command. This Rank can not be Applied for as it is a Staff Role.

Bob- Bob is the Owner of the group, I will always be ranking and fixing Problems for the group. Bob is the Leader of this group. I will try my best to keep to group happy and in shape! If you have any questions Just contact "Bob" or "Overseer Bob"!

Prevent™ 233 Members
This could've all been Prevented™️

Ally of many, enemy of none.

This clan will likely see some use in the future when clans are revamped.

IDSnipes 205 Members
Think you have a great IDSnipe on clothing, on your profile or even a forum post?
Great welcome to our group.

People will be ranked depending on how good there IDSnipe is.
Ranks will be coming soon.

Krusty Krab 201 Members
We make delicious fake food!

Name Snipe. 197 Members
Welcome to Name Snipe if you need any help please feel free to Send a message to
Our Staff.

(Bengaming112, Dr.Pepper, Wixxxxxxx)

(Retired Staff, A Dumb Kid, Guest 5, Calm)

-Since 2018-

Communist Users of Brick Hill 193 Members

Vest Studio 189 Members
(Group announcement): Congratulation to LevelUp, BitV01D, and a latin word for winning see you next time on the next giveaway shall we?

I now retire as a owner but I will still be part of the clan! Got any questions or stuff message me! ~ Test6086

The new rank called "Co-Owners" was created by SirAlexander.
🎆 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, let us hope forget the bad things we done in the past.🎆
[History]: Founder's is Jddije the original owner, BrickWatcher, and UnKnowner the founder.
December 27 2018 or 27/12/2018 07:06 PM the day that the group was ruined by the untrusted user mod.

Also they're know as Co-Founder... the 3 main...

[News]: New rank is coming out is 😮Famous Player😮
NOTE: Something is coming, another update to the clan coming soon!!!
Shop: shirts/pants:https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/35730/
https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/33265/ and more in the future!!!
(Room for future stuff)

Please do not change ranks untill the owner said so

Do NOT change the rank "2019" and thank you.

Do NOT change the rank "😮Famous Player😮" and thx


Type of Ranks
Members: When u Recently Joined
Trusted Members: When Owner Trust You
Spookstober 2019: When u joined October in the year 2019
October/Spooktober: Is when you join around October ~ by BrickWatcher
Armistice Day: When u Joined in Veterans Day
Xmas 2019:Is when you join December around 2019
Xmas: When u around join christmas month aka december
Friday The 13th: When u join friday the 13th it could be any day and any month but friday 13th
New Year:
Marvelous users: Members that been really good and a long time in this group
Big Members: Really good members that have been in this group all year
Helpers: Managing the group and members
Mods: Organize the Group and Description
Owner: Test6086 the boss
ok dude im your friend did this if wonder
😮Famous Player😮:If you a famous player in brickhill you can stay in this rank

[[[[[ Mod Wall ]]]]]
🎆New Year🎆 This rank will be obtainable for every new year!
- SirAlexander
Friday The 13th Rank No Longer Until March 13 2020

Test6086: I highly recommend to message me before making ranks or some else
Dear Mods and community helpers you can now accept users also take a good care to this clan while I gone away.

🌆Also we still accept users tho - Test6086🌆

[⚠️Alert⚠️]: SirAlexander Has got ownership of the group!
Applying for Mod is no longer available.
🗯Discord group is coming soon!!!🗯 will be put in Announcement

c o o l 187 Members
this group is for my alts

need them allies

Unity 181 Members
I literally bought a clan for 69 bucks wow.



group description is open to anyone as long as theyre in the clan just no griefing or tnt kthx.

cool kids 177 Members
we r da coolest kids
#1 Elite Fourming Clan
“Hey buddy, remember when Warden was an actual threat to our group? We won.”

a e s t h e t i c 173 Members

memes 154 Members
"We love dank memes!"
Founded by Fault in 2017.

Do you like memes? I sure do
this clan is for anyone who likes memes, old or new!

KonekoKitten's Fanclub 148 Members
This is the Koneko Kitten fanclub!
Koneko if you want to take ownership i dont mind however please put me in a founder rank or something.

Koneko's Youtube: youtube.com/KonekoKitten

Anime 143 Members

Brick Hill Myth Hunters 143 Members
--------- (Brick Hill Myth Hunters) In this group, we crack the case on what is really going on in the darkest corners of Brick Hill. Join us, and be apart of our discoveries.
What is a myth on Brick Hill? Something offsetting, compare it to a creepypasta.
Recent Updates:
Our discord: https://discord.gg/nzdTYVX

1. I feel happy to say this we are gaining new MYTHS to interview, and we will be releasing a hunter application game soon! (More info will be released for this when time comes.)

2. We are looking for staff send me a pm on brickhill, maybe you will have the chance to get into the staff team just send me your discord and I could interview you about what you could bring to the table that others couldn't.

3. Just a reminder YOU HAVE TO DM ME AFTER THE INVESTIGATION PROCESS!, or you will have to dm me faster to be put in the investigation process.

4. You must message me to be a hunter, we are still working on getting stuff set up.

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