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Team Bill 210 Members
Bill's Godly Team and Legacy

IDSnipes 201 Members
Think you have a great IDSnipe on clothing, on your profile or even a forum post?
Great welcome to our group.

People will be ranked depending on how good there IDSnipe is.
Ranks will be coming soon.

a e s t h e t i c 157 Members

Krusty Krab 151 Members
We make delicious fake food!

Name Snipe. 151 Members
(⚠⚠New Ranks⚠⚠)
Welcome to Name Snipe if you need any help please feel free to Send a message to
Our Staff.

(Bengaming112, Dr.Pepper, Wixxxxxxx)

(Retired Staff, A Dumb Kid, Guest 5, Calm)

(VIP Now for sell (LIMITED TIME ONLY): https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/61696)

(Super Easy Snipe, Super Cool Snipe) *Have Been Added to the Group*
[Warning Some people will be changing to new ranks]

-Since 2018-

LGBT+ Community 145 Members
This is a group for the LGBT+ Community of Brick Hill.

DM lewd or a Rank Sorter to get your desired rank.

Due to a bug with the site, I cannot rank people past the first page! I'll be contacting the Website Developers for a solution to this rather... bizarre issue.

> update: clans are being rewritten so I guess you're just gonna have to wait with me :(
sorry for the inconvenience!

Clout Gang ✔️ 137 Members
Clout Gang

Merch Logo >https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/42555/<

Merch T-shirt >https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/42586/<

Also Join >https://www.brick-hill.com/clan/1131/<


memes 126 Members
Sadly, the group wall is not a thing anymore, however we shall wait for it.

This is a group for people who like memes, here we make or share the most fresh
or funny memes. If you like memes then you are welcome.

Ranking guide:

[1] Guest memer: Basic rank.
[2] Novice memer: Gets ranked after being in the clan for 1-24 hours.
[3] Apprentice memer: Gets ranked after posting at least 10 memes on the group wall (if you are Guest memer, then you will not get the rank, you must achieve the Novice Memer rank first).
[4] Advanced memer: Gets ranked after being quite active in the group.
[5] Meme master: This rank is only for users that prove their loyality.

Anime 125 Members

Brick Studio 122 Members
We are a group that builds and creates here at Brick Hill feel free to join as we are a non-profit group!

Previously owned by: Edgar, yes the one who boted and got terminated 10 times.

Recognized Users 121 Members
This clan is for the recognized users of brick-hill

You will be ranked by how recognized you are.

(This is completely biased)

2008 Clan 111 Members
=PREMIUM FAN: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/43002=
-Cools Namesnipes
-free kfc
-free Block-Aid

oobey106's group 107 Members
welcome.to be a supporter wear theese https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/55254
and say i love oobey106's group. to be banned you have to bully someone when your in group or have a username thats not ALLOWED to be brick hill admin you have to be an actual admin if you go in the banned rank and you see people who look the same thats someone else trying to get me banned

Brick Cards 105 Members

new card

baked beans 102 Members

Clout 101 Members
We > You

Tsk I'll rank you how I want too

CLOUT OFFCIAL DISCORD : https://discord.gg/JW6R4Py


YouTubers of Brick Hill 99 Members
idk why but group wall gone i guess so message me for rank
i'm not very active on here anymore so it might take some time.

The Famous People Of Brick-Hill 98 Members
Join and we will see if you are famous!
If you want to donate: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=19793
If i ranked you wrong rejoin.


Mondays : Meme Time.
Tuesdays: 1 Bit Giveaways!
Wednesdays: Random.
Thursdays: You will pick what we should do.
Fridays: ( Give a idea )
Saturdays: ( Give a idea )
Sundays: Ranking players.

Donater - Donated to the group.

Brick Hill Myth Hunters 98 Members
--------- (Brick Hill Myth Hunters) In this group, we crack the case on what is really going on in the darkest corners of Brick Hill. Join us, and be apart of our discoveries.
What is a myth on Brick Hill? Something offsetting, compare it to a creepypasta.
Recent Updates:
Our discord: https://discord.gg/nzdTYVX

1. I feel happy to say this we are gaining new MYTHS to interview, and we will be releasing a hunter application game soon! (More info will be released for this when time comes.)

2. We are looking for staff send me a pm on brickhill, maybe you will have the chance to get into the staff team just send me your discord and I could interview you about what you could bring to the table that others couldn't.

3. Just a reminder YOU HAVE TO DM ME AFTER THE INVESTIGATION PROCESS!, or you will have to dm me faster to be put in the investigation process.

4. You must message me to be a hunter, we are still working on getting stuff set up.

the namesnipers 96 Members

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