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Clout Gang ✔️ 121 Members Clout Gang

Merch Logo >https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/42555/<

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Brick Studio 114 Members We are a group that builds and creates here at Brick Hill feel free to join as we are a non-profit group!

Previously owned by: Edgar, yes the one who boted and got terminated 10 times.

a e s t h e t i c 113 Members <h1>w e l c o m e</h1>

Krusty Krab 110 Members We make delicious fake food!
Burger Eater is better by the way.

*Items you should buy:*




2008 Clan 108 Members MOST COOL CLAN
=PREMIUM FAN: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/43002=
-Cools Namesnipes
-free kfc
-free Block-Aid

Recognized Users 101 Members This clan is for the recognized users of brick-hill

You will be ranked by how recognized you are.

(This is completely biased)

OFFICIAL BRICK-HILL MYTHS 100 Members Welcome we are the first and offical brick hill myth group founded on 6/12/18
send in any info on a myth! we will look into it and find the origin of it. provide as much info as possible by messging me
WIKIA: https://brickhill-myths.fandom.com/wiki/Brick-hill_Myths_Wiki

Scariest myth: File
NOTE: i am currently busy with youtube and music so cant write up myth reports. if anyone can write some up please do! thanks!!

hehe, :) File is back.... HeHe :)

Brick Hill 90 Members All fans of Brick-Hill!

Clout 89 Members We > You

Tsk I'll rank you how I want too

CLOUT OFFCIAL DISCORD : https://discord.gg/JW6R4Py


Anime 88 Members gogoanime.io

Brick Cards 85 Members card

new card

Ze Rats 84 Members We are ze rats of Brick Hill!

memes 83 Members This is a group for people who like memes, here we make or share the most fresh
or funny memes. If you like memes then you are welcome.

Ranking guide:

[1] Guest memer: Basic rank.
[2] Novice memer: Gets ranked after being in the clan for 1-24 hours.
[3] Apprentice memer: Gets ranked after posting at least 10 memes on the group wall (if you are Guest memer, then you will not get the rank, you must achieve the Novice Memer rank first).
[4] Advanced memer: Gets ranked after being quite active in the group.
[5] Meme master: This rank is only for users that prove their loyality.

YouTubers of Brick Hill 82 Members jus sum boys making youtube videos

Post your channel on group wall and I'll rank you.

Club Egg 77 Members Welcome to Club Egg! This is the first, if not one of the first, egg hunting clan on Brick Hill.

Club Egg is an exclusive, noble brotherhood of egg hunting lunatics.

In Club Egg you'll be able to share your EGGsperience with EGGcelent users, help other users find eggs, and just all things egg hunting!

Rank-Up Guide: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread?id=14216

Brick Hill Awards 77 Members The official group for the Brick Hill Awards!

Audience: those who aren't nominated and are watching/voting in the awards.
Recognized: those who were nominated in an awards in the past.
Nominees: those who were nominated in the awards.
Winners: those who won an award for the awards.
Honored: those who greatly contributed to the awards.
Co-Hosts: those who help host the awards.
Host: the host of the awards.

Good luck!

trxsh aesthetic 75 Members trxsh aesthetic
trxsh aesthetic is a clothing group owned by Trxsh
Clothing Store:N/A.
Unifroms: Wear Black shirts, Pants,etc.
Tell me what rank you want on PM.

Sponsered by Builderman's Y'all Clan

Make us your PRIMARY to show you are in The Trxsh Gang!!

Oh Yh, If You Want A Rank-Up, Buy One Of these:
-The Shirt I'm wearing RN..(put it on)
-Black Bandana {Put it ON}
-Black Adidas Pants {You know}
-Horns of Beelzebub (EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT!}

TOP 72 Members (Tall's OG Players)

Hopefully a more active and accurately rating rare name group

Not Rare Names:
Redtoecatboyred, mando3929, 69xx_lol_xx69.

Semi-Rare Names:
Speaking, Reading, Reader.

Rare Names:
Tall, Cool, Red.

Phrase Names:
ReadAlot, DrinkWater,

Funny Names:
Masturbate, Pussy, Cunt.

Item Names:

Fool Cap, Egg, Gamer Shades.

L33T SP34K:
H3110, t0p, k3y.

ID Snipes:
(66666) (10000) (100)

3 Letters:
S89, ka4, aks.

Period Snipes:
Google.com, Youtube.com, brick-hill.com.

IRL Names:
John, Dave, Terry.

Too Rare:
A, Ok, No.

Famous People:
Ratatooie, Spacebuilder, Louis.

The Famous People Of Brick-Hill 70 Members Join and we will see if you are famous!
If you want to donate: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=19793
If i ranked you wrong rejoin.

Waiting to be ranked - Wait.
Not famous at all - 0 - 50
Quite famous - 51 - 150
Almost famous 151 - 500
Famous 501 - 1,000
Unbelievably Famous 5,000 - 10,000

Godly Famous 50,000 - 100,000
Hacked 500,000 - 1,000,000
Donater - Donated to the group.

Name Snipe. 69 Members (⚠⚠New Icon⚠⚠)
Welcome to Name Snipe if you need any help please feel free to Send a message to
Our Staff.
(Guest 5 "Not As Active")
(A Dumb Kid "Active")
(Dr.Pepper/Dakota "Taking a break")
(BenGaming112 "Active")
(Calm "Active a Bit")
(Wixxxxxxx "Active")
You Can message Staff, if they do not reply in 24 Hours tell (Dr.Pepper), Calm-Guest 5 Are Active a lil Bit, Give them time and they will check your message's- Main ones you want to message is Bengaming112,Dr.Pepper,A Dumb Kid,wixxxxxxx)

And if you think you were ranked wrong, contact an owner or co owner, or admin. (You may ask Yes the "Point" I do not add to the "3 Letter" "2 Letter" and "1 Letter" So it can be ".U." And it will be a 1 Letter.) (New Ranks:) We are Hiring Basic Admin (Have to be Active to Apply) -Since 2018-

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