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BH Foruming Community 242 Members Brick Hill Foruming Community! Have fun being ranked on sociality.

Ranking guide:

0 - 50 posts (Beginner forumer)
50 - 100 posts (Forumer)
500 - 1000 posts (Active forumer)
1000 - 2000 posts (Awesome forumer)
2000 - 5000 posts (Amazing forumer)
5000 - 10000 posts (Legendary forumer)
(PM me when you have reached one of these milestones)

Namesnipe 227 Members Hello, Welcome to Namesnipe, a group that helps you know how rare your name is on Brick-Hill.

--- | Special Ranks | ---

Name Snipers; is earned by creating a certain amount of Namesnipe usernames.

How do I claim: DM me your list of Namesnipes that are in the clan on Discord: @ Rottweiler#3128

Team Bill 180 Members Join Forum, the place for forumers to unite! https://www.brick-hill.com/clan/449/

We are a strong army led by the toughest character on the Brick Hill, Bill! We make it our goal to become the best group on the website and to destroy all that oppose us. Join now and start your journey today! As you embark on your adventure you will go through the ranking system so long as you show activity and support for the group. Who knows? Maybe you could be a Champion one day!
[DISCORD]: Coming soon!
[NEWS]: We are currently reforming the clan, message Cymped if you have any questions about the clan.

Poor People of Brick Hill 160 Members We are the poor people of the Brick Hill community.

This clan is not meant to let anyone down or make them feel bad, it is just parody of the rich people of BH clan.

You will be ranked within 48 hours, if not then please contact the clan owner.

IDSnipes 132 Members Think you have a great IDSnipe on clothing, on your profile or even a forum post?
Great welcome to our group.

People will be ranked depending on how good there IDSnipe is.
Ranks will be coming soon.

bok 120 Members bok

C00L KIDDS 119 Members tis group is only for da c00l kidds

(69th id bb)

Cats 113 Members meow meow meow we like kittys

Brick Studio 108 Members We are a group that builds and creates here at Brick Hill feel free to join as we are a non-profit group!

Previously owned by: Edgar, yes the one who boted and got terminated 10 times.

ratatooie 104 Members If you're a fan of me or my YouTube channel (ratatooie) then this is the group for you!
If you dont already know about my YouTube channel here is a link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCj9IWrgrs0Wda-mEzkGF6zw

How to get subscriber rank: subscribe to my YouTube channel and PM me with proof that you subscribed

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