Da Peppers[Spicy]
Owned by Albert 2
22 Members
🌶🌶Hello, we are Da peppers! We make giveaways and merch, We also like to give out ranks to players 🌶🌶 (Funded by gizmosuperman)

🌶🌶We are not affiliated with Da Bananas, Quinguea or any of their allies.🌶🌶

Question of the week

What's your favorite food?

Rank tierlist
Pepper - Default rank, thanks for joining!
Chili Pepper - Advanced from Pepper rank
Jalapeno Pepper - Advanced from Chili Pepper rank, one of the most prestigous ranks
Ghost Pepper - Admin rank
Co-Owners - Co owner rank, can take over for owner if owner steps down
Carolina reaper - Owner rank

Giveaways -
No current active giveaways, however we have many exciting giveaways planned for the near future.


Contact Albert 2, gizmosuperman, JoeysaladsYT or other admins if you need assistance or have any issues/complaints. Thank you!
Feature coming soon