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Don't worry if you're not Famous, anyways you have a Rank!



New 😶: Your probably not a Famous Player and your a Gamer. (Example: )

Known 😁: You have popularity on Brick Hill. (Example: ngl idk who)

Famous 😎: People know you, Congratulations! (Example: Forum Robot)

Recognizable 😀: More people know who are you! (Example: Fob)

Legend 🐱‍👤: People automatic recognize you! (Example: winona )


Since August 2022


Icon made on Paint by NicoRainbow20.


Famous of Year joined on Group in this Momment: H0LY (doesn't really count).


If i am Deleted, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THE GROUP, Your ever standing at Waiting Rol Rank and is going be a time lose, AND remember if i am Deleted, You can check out that down of group Icon or going my Profile.

Fun Fact: Did you know this Group exist thanks to the Special Firework Face?, That can be Getted at 4 July 2021 by 50 Bits, And this him History: I getted him, Him maked special on 2022, Sell Face, With money i winned buyed an Scarf, Traded Scarf, Getted Ultimate Special, Selled Special, And with Money create this Groups and Ranks

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