Trading Card Community[TCC]
Owned by Antonio Tomato
40 Members
(By joining this clan youre gonna get a trading card as fast as possible!)

Hello, and welcome to the Trading Card Community! Here are all the members of the trading card community. You can either join this clan, or buy a T-shirt to get it!

How to rank up:
1. Buy any Card Purchase T-shirt
2. Message Owner or Sorter(s) that You bought it
3. You MUST wear the Card Purchase T-shirt. (We will be checking your inventory too.)
4. Your rank should be there soon.

You can even choose special abilities, or the power that your Trading Card holds! (Doesn't involve the Default Cards)

Default Card Purchase: (MAX 100 HP)

Shiny Card Purchase: (MAX 200 HP)

Rainbow Card Purchase: (MAX 300 HP)

Legendary Card Purchase: (MAX 500 HP)

Platinium Card Purchase: (MAX 1000 HP)

Myth Card Purchase: (UNLIMITED HP)
Feature coming soon