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Welcome to Wheel Of Brick Hill, a new Brick Hill gameshow.
- Latest Episode: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/1513620

Donate to Wheel Of Brick Hill so we can keep on making episodes.

# Small Donation: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/249517
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Wheel Of Brick Hill will happen at random. If you happen to be on time, there will be a certain amount of replies that will be able to spin. If you get in that certain amount of replies, I will spin a wheel that is completely random. I will reply to you with the number of bucks you won and you will have to link a shirt/t-shirt/pants that are worth the amount you won. After a few minutes, you should have your bucks.


# I haven't received my bucks!
Don't worry, I have to purchase every asset one by one so it could take me some time. If I ever forget to pay you, message Dragonism on Brick Hill about it, and I'll pay you right away.

# Can I get a respin?
Sorry but no, I cannot offer respin as that would be unfair to other players and my wallet.

# Does my prize expire after a certain amount of time
Yes, 1 month. But, I will message you after one week notifying you haven't claimed your prize.

Have any more questions? Message Dragonism on Brick Hill.
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