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Welcome to the best foruming clan on all of brick hill!

Top Poster (in clan): Thiqq

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What's the Forums? {0 Posts}
Beginner {1-99 Posts}
Amateur {100-249 Posts}
I'm Getting There {250-499 Posts}
Hustler {500-999 Posts}
Hotshot {1000-1749}
Pro {1750-2299}
Elite {2300-2999 Posts}
Legendary {3000-3999 Posts}
Mythic {4000-4999 Posts}
The Big 5K {5000-7500 Posts}
Mind-Blowing {7500-9999 Posts}
Confirmed Postfarmer {10000-12999 Posts}
Top 100 Forumer {13000-15999 Posts}
Scatposter {16000-19999}
Double Postfarmer {20000-24999 Posts}
Shitposter {25000-29999}
Guaranteed No-Lifer {30000-39999}
Mastermind {40000-49999}
Grandmaster {50000-59999}
Critically Insane {60000-74999}
Crazy {75000-89999}
So Close {90000-99999}
Clown {100000+}

If you are eligible for a new rank, or you were ranked incorrectly, please message phones or rejoin the clan.
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