The Bingus fan club[Bings]
Owned by Rexy.
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Praise Bingus!
Bingus is love.
Bingus is life.
Bingus forever.

Join if you love Bingus.

Saiki says: cool cat bingo


•Fans: Followers of Bingus.

•Dingus: If you are unepic, you are a Dingus.

•Bingus Supporter: Help support the clan by donating to us. Really appreciated <3 (Shhhh tell no-one, but buy one of these. It's only 1 buck:

•Premium Bingus Supporter: Donate more than 50 bucks to the clan. People who do this are instantly confirmed epic. You can even have a custom quote typed in the clan description. (Buy now or be Dingus:

•Blessed: People I really admire

Guh huh: Custom role

•God: Me
Feature coming soon