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The Noob Revolution[TNR]
Owned by Cursetopher
40 Members
this group is a relic of an old brick planet war group, there was a planned re-establishment of the group on brick hill (this clan) after brick planet shutdown (august 2018), but after less than a month all group members went to other SANS sites and continued the group there, while I preferred staying on brick hill rather then leaving for another site, so I pretty much stopped being in the group and went to do other stuff and enjoy bh. to sum up this clan is about an old, long dead brick planet military group which ended up being unused and is no more than a relic of old times.

feel free to join, I might do something with this clan in the future (although 95% I wont), if I do bring this group back it wont be a military group.

this group is also an example of two old glitches, one of them was that after making another user the owner the new user will become the owner but the original owner will retain the highest rank. this is nice because the group owner is long gone from brick hill and for some reason banned. so even tho the owner is gone I still have all the power (except from giving ownership). this is also the reason I can edit the description of this clan rn because if I wasn't stuck in the highest rank I would of been moved to a lower rank without permissions.
I can also move the group owner to any rank I want which is funny.

the second glitch is that when you load the page no one will pop up in the Citizen tab, and only after you click on another rank and go back the users in the Citizen tab will appear.

Feature coming soon