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For all Brick Hillian Forumers!

Join this group to be ranked!


Owned by Lilly

I think it was made in late 2017


How to apply for staff rank:

Message me about why you want to apply for staff and I will consider.

Make it Detailed, I will choose people to be staff,
Do not make it too detailed.

The winners of Staff rank will be announced on the 29th march 2019

Good luck and keep on foruming!

Management is not for sale because I am choosing someone to be Management, Or I will leave management alone.

If you ask for management I will most likely say no.

Or I will answer with a polite reminder not to say it again.
Begging for Management will result in a kick from the group.

Staff: For sale

Management: Not for sale

Happy Foruming!
This clan has no enemies
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