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Owned by Jake12345
2 Members
🥇 Welcome to Badge! 🥇
The number one, badge clan on brick-hill!

This is where you can show off your brick-hill achievements!
👑 Ranks 👑

👑 Classic - Be on brick-hill for a year!
💵 Donator - Donate any amount of money to brick-hill!
🍬 Mint - Now unobtainable, so if you have one you are very important!
♠️ Ace - Purchase Ace Membership!
👑 Royal - Buy royal membership!
🎰 Jackpot - Roll a quadruple aeo in the jackpot! This was retired from 2018
🧱 Brick Saint - Given to those who stand out to staff!
🔨 Admin - Given to any staff members!
💎 Multiple Badges - Have more than one badge!

Have fun in our clan, and have a good day!
Merch coming soon!
This clan has no allies
This clan has no enemies
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