Brick-Hill Forumers[Forum]
Owned by Delan
99 Members
Notice I'm not really active more so I'm swapping owners - CosmoBlox
There will be 2 rankers at all times

I own this now.

Welcome to "Brick-Hill Forumers" a growing Brick Hill Clan, to bring you a nice way to show off all of the posts you have made on the Forums!

In this clan, you will be ranked on how much forum posts you have!

If you ever want to update your rank, send me a PM!

Founded on 6/24/20

-50 Members (3 Winners: 25 Bucks( 20 With Tax ) WINNER: THEOOFALT 102, AMIAS, AARP!

- 100 Members (25 Bucks, 20 with tax, 1 Winner, AARP)

- Previous Winners Can Win Multiple Times

Special Roles:
- 100th Member [08/6/20]
- 250th Member [In Progress]

Thanks to everyone who has joined this clan we hit the big 100!

As well, please share this clan with your friends!

NOTICE: I don't recommend being on the Forums toxicity and Inappropriate, can get VERY bad there. So I don't recommend it.
Found by cosmoblox
Feature coming soon