The Shrine of Aquila[アルタイル]
Owned by GroupHoIder
30 Members
Hello and Welcome to The Shrine of Aquila, this is more of a clan for people to who my posts or people who are good friends with me on brick-hill or just like me for the t-shirts that I make, or even just like me in general.
This group will allow you to get the latest updates on my t-shirts and updates about me and if I'm banned or not. Ally requests are greatly appreciated!

Pending: Waiting for a new rank
Shrine Maiden: The Standard Rank for Everyone
Magical Girl: Friends or people that I know
epic gamer: People who have joined my previous clans before this clan was made.
Ass: Custom Rank requested by twofatcats from my previous clan.
Head of the Shrine: Custom Rank requested from Zing.
Made by Tesla: Custom Rank requested from Cybertruck.
Wizard: Alts of mine
Aquila: The legend himself
Groupholder: Self-explanatory
Feature coming soon