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Welcome to LMaD,

This is a "Let's make a deal" clan, (AKA trading)

We are the powerful group!

Join now, and see how good your trading skills are!

Or just trade!
Get profit
Get rich!

get 100 members X
get 500 members X
get 1000 members X

awaiting a rank [Wait to be chosen]
Beginners [No specials]
Traders [100-300 value]
Awesome traders [400-500 value]
Good traders [750-800 value]
Amazing traders [2000-7000 value]
Extremely good traders [have 7500-8000 value]
Godly traders [9000-10,000 value]
Profit-traders [have 15,000-20,000 value ]
Serious traders [have 25,000-30000 value]
The Extremely devil traders [50,000 value]
Literally donald trump [100,000 value]
Supporters [Wear a t-shirt that is LMaD. Is in my inventory, its a t-shirt.]

How to get different ranks:
If you have specials count their demands up, you can get help by this site
http://brick-hill.trade/ (the site made by executive) if you need help to count up how much value you got! use calculator. And have alot of bucks!

Sign up as a mod:

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