YouTubers of Brick Hill[YT]
Owned by Cycle
546 Members
Welcome to YouTubers of Brick Hill! This is the place for BH YouTubers and fans alike. Content creators from sites outside of YouTube are welcomed too!

We are the largest YouTube clan on BH and are active with 500+
members to our name. As such, we are often online to assist members and rank newcomers. Join to broadcast your YouTube on Brick Hill!

If you are a famous YouTuber, message me some evidence, for example, updating your description to say "Cycle" or you can link one of your videos with a comment saying, "Cycle", etc. (you can remove the changes after I respond via BH messages).

🤝 The Community rank is for active fans of YouTubers who comment often or are well-known despite not making content or who are recognized to work with YouTubers in their videos whether it be on camera or behind the scenes and meme accounts you may find fun to check out!

📷 If you are a beginner YouTuber who makes content, message me with your channel and I'll rank you here.

✨ Ambitious YouTuber is for those who either have 100 subscribers, have made 20+ videos, or have a clear passion for YouTube (there is leeway for this rank).

💎 Iconic YouTuber is for those who either have 300 subscribers, are famous within BH's community, or otherwise have uploaded content prior at a consistent rate.

🏆 To be in Triumphant YouTuber, you must have either:
A very high BH status, 1000+ subscribers or 100,000+ total views.

⚔️ To be in Warrior YouTuber, you must have either:
2500+ subscribers or 250,000+ total views.

🛡️ To be in Knighted YouTuber, you must have either:
5000+ subscribers or 500,000+ total views.

👑 Royal is exclusive to famous YouTubers (10,000+ subscribers or 1 Million+ views), the clan creator Landen, 2016 Veterans, Brick Saints and official BH staff.

🏅 Honoured Retirees is exclusive to bygone YouTubers who quit but had an impact, reshaping BH YouTube during their run.

Founded: 2017
This clan was created by Landen:

- 100 members on the 14/12/2019! Congrats to 'Gift Card'
- 200 members on the 8/7/2020! Congrats to 'Winter'
- YouTubers of BH is on Page 2 as of 10/10/20!
- 300 members on 31/10/2020! Congrats to 'sir_mrnoob' and then 'CoolPea'
- 1st Royal Member (aside from the clan creator) on 4/11/20. Congrats 'Rexy.'
- 400 members on the 18/5/21!
- 500 members on the 23/11/21! Congrats 'duckman1808'
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