Anime Fan Club[ANIME]
Owned by arm
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Welcome to the anime fan club! Here we want to revive the old anime clan.

If you want a role, I recommend you to message arm, the clan owner, to rank you and you should be ranked within 12 hours.

If you want to suggest a role, please feel free to do so! Please message me!

As of now, we do not have any games. I don't think I will make any but will happily support any anime games that you make.

Yes, we make clothing! As of now, we have Sailor Moon clothing but we are open to suggestions! Here is our list of clothing until group clothing gets added!


Sailor Moon - and

Sailor Mars - and

Sailor Mercury: and

Sailor Venus: and

Sailor Uranus: and

Rei Hino: and

Japanese Robe: and

Schoolgirl Uniform: and
Feature coming soon